March 19, 2007

Thank you for NOT flying

I really just hate flying. The cramped seats (I'm 6'1" and over 2 bills...) , the crying children, the pressurized cabin, the lousy treats, the super cold air from the overhead nozzle, the cramped seats, the ridiculous restrictions, the really really ridiculous restrictions, being herded like cattle, jet-lag, being cramped, the obligatory "we could crash into a mountain/ocean" thoughts, the ridiculous safety "training," and, of course, the stupid seats that are too narrow and too close together.

In the last 14 days I have flown 6 times, gone over 8500 miles, and spent 18 hrs in the air. NO ME GUSTA. (granted I went to Hawaii, so it was worth it...)

"Did that blow your mind, because that just happened."


Another Asian Law Student said...

i can't believe you just complained... about going to a trip to hawaii... i used to live there too.

side note: comment on my blog - sarcastic? i couldn't tell if you were serious or not.

Scrumtrulescent said...

GOING to Hawaii sucks....BEING in Hawaii is the shit

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