January 2, 2008

Sometimes it Pays to be a Jerk

I don't own an iPod. I hate iTunes and the whole iPod culture. I DO own a Creative brand MP3 player that is just as good (in my opinion) as an iPod video. About a week before finals I spilled my chai tea on it while I was studying at the library. Not smart. It almost immediately started malfunctioning and I was pretty pissed. When I bought it I made sure to get the extra year warranty because my previous MP3 player (same brand) had some issues. My year warranty, added onto the manufacturer 30-day warranty, expired on Dec 15. So I send Creative an email about my malfunctioning MP3 player on or around the 12th, while conveniently forgetting to mention the chai tea incident. I send in my player and all the required documentation and hope that they don't realize that not only did I spill something on it (which isn't covered under the warranty) I also opened it up and tried to clean it (voiding the warranty).
About a week ago a got this email:

In regards to your RMA XXXXXXX, we are sorry to inform you that upon receiving your product and reviewing your file, it was determined that the unit is no longer covered by Creative's limited warranty due to the date it was purchased (11/15/06).

If you still wish to proceed with the repair/ replacement it will cost $240.00 to complete the process, and the unit you will receive back from our facility will have a 90 days labor/ parts warranty.

I realize that it shouldn't still be covered under the warranty, but not because it has expired. The reason they shouldn't fix it is not the one they gave me. So I respond with this:

My warranty was one year and one month due to the manufacturer 30 day warranty. I got my RMA before 12/15/07. My unit should still be covered. It is surprising that Creative would hassle me over the matter of only a couple days. I have been a loyal customer for over 2 years (I have purchased 4 mp3 players and numerous accessories). If I spend $60 on a year long warranty and get my RMA BEFORE it has lapsed, I expect it to be honored. If this is how I am going to be treated I can assure you that I will spend the $240 on a new iPod (like everyone else) rather than getting my Zen Vision replaced.

I got a response today:

Thank you for replying to Creative E-mail Support.

I am pleased to inform you that I was able to locate your Creative Care Protection Plan for your Zen Vision: M, and I have notified the RMA department. Because you have invested in a Creative Care Protection Plan for your Zen Vision: M this RMA will be considered under warranty and there will be no out of warranty fees.

Sometimes you have to be a jerk to get what you want. Me: 1 Creative: 0

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Lord Family said...

You are too funny! It was so good to see you again over new Years thanks for coming up and hanging!


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