July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday America

Nothing like emotion inducing patriotism to celebrate the day!


Gr8kidsMOM said...

Thank you Jeff! You have inherited your Grandpa's love of country and freedom. You make me proud!

Utahman said...

Every year the fourth of july should be the biggest damn holiday the world has ever seen. Why cant this country that has become the pinnacle of freedom and prosperity in this world put on a birthday celebration the likes the world has never seen? Congress, with all of their spending, should set aside a few million or tens of millions of dollars towards kick ass parades full of everything american from floats with big BBQ's handing out all american beef and apple pies to large tanks and marching bands parading down the streets, towards huge ass fireworks that bring onlookers to tears in amazement and wonderment and that entertain for hours, and towards military shows and demonstrations with explosions and gunfire that reassure us of the greatest military might and knowhow that defends this country every day. It seems ironic to me that the one parade I attended this year had really nothing to do with the whole reason we celebrate this holiday. There was even a float that said "I love Peru" on the side of it. WHAT THE HELL? It's the fourth of July DAMNIT. So Jeff, sorry about the soap box. And sorry for it being about two weeks late, but when we are in postions of influance and power, this topic should be at the TOP of our agenda.

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