September 17, 2008

Getting closer to the end

OK, so I removed my last post in an effort to protect the innocent. But rest assured that, if you didn't see it, you didn't miss anything too exciting.

In other news, my 3L year is 3 1/2 weeks in and it's fun and boring and annoying all at the same time. The clinic is awesome because it makes me feel like an actual lawyer; and, since I am provisionally licensed, technically I am a lawyer...for now. My earliest class starts at 1:40 so my mornings (like today) are filled with The Price is Right and scrambled eggs.

The most important thing right now, though, is that football is back. I just love it so much! And pretty soon the Jazz will be back on, and that is basically what my life revolves around. So much so that I am getting League Pass so that I can watch every second of every game :)

And thanks to Ma for sending the zucchini bread, it is the BEST!


Nate Lord said...

I thought your life revolved around me. Jerk face.

Silly Little Law Student said...

Man I totally hear ya on 3L being fun, boring, and annoying all at the same time. Do we really have to stay trapped here til May?!

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