October 11, 2008

Why I Love Firefox

If you don't have/use Firefox, YOU SHOULD. Aside from the speed and memory advantages, the library of add-ons that you can add is quite extensive, which is what really makes Firefox the coolest internet tool EVER.

Adblock Plus - one of the most popular and effective add-ons. It's one of those things that you don't know how well it's working until you go back and look at how it WOULD be.

FoxMarks - This syncs my favorites across computers, so if I update my favorites on my laptop it will automatically update on my desktop.

1-Click Weather - Just look for yourself...

Each button will take you right to the Weather.com page, very handy!

Fire.fm - This one is TRULY awesome. For those of you who know and love Last.fm, this add on turns your browser into a Last.fm player.

Scribefire - An awesome tool for bloggers, just click the little button and BOOM, easy blogging:

There really are a ton of cool add-ons, and I didn't list all of the ones I have installed. Go take a gander at the big list and maximize your interwebbing experience!

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Gr8kidsMOM said...

Yes Jeff... I too love technology!

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