April 28, 2007

C - O - L - T - S!!

That was our cheer in high school during sporting events. The other day I realized that I treat the Jazz with the same mentality of a high school fan. I want to paint my face, be right behind the opposing bench, stand the whole game, yell at the players and the coaches and officials, and generally just be an out of control fan. I saw the highlights of the Warriors/Mavs game last night (Warriors went up 2 games to 1) and it reminded me of a high school game. Everyone had on their yellow "we believe" shirts and they were loud and raucous. I would give ANYTHING to be at the Jazz game tonight...

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Another Asian Law Student said...

so lucky you have a half-good team that you root for. the local team (knicks) are garbage. my favorite team (wizards) are terrible without arenas.

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