April 3, 2007

Thanks for nothing Google

I was trying to look up some information on spreading rumors and talking bad about people behind their backs, but Google did nothing for me. So I guess this will just be all me...

If I've learned one thing about the social life here at law school it's this: if you don't want everyone to read it or know about it, DON'T WRITE IT DOWN. It's that simple, if you write something mean, it WILL get out and it will likely cause you (or, probably more so, someone else...) a lot of pain. I've blogged before about how High School-esque Law School is, and also how we can combat it, to some degree. It's in our nature to look at the differences between people, to look at how we're different from each other. But in all reality all this does is create tension, drama, and hurts feelings. People really are capable of amazing things if we give them a chance. We need to focus on the good things about people, rather than their shortcomings because we ALL have shortcomings, no exceptions.

We sometimes bond with people in strange ways, like laughing at a person or group of people, or pretending like everyone is beneath you. This is how cliques form. You'd think that this sort of behavior would end after high school, or a couple semesters into undergrad, but it now seems stronger than it did in High School. I suppose that any group of 400-or-so 20-something age students are going to resort to this kind of behavior, especially when they have to spend 6-10 hours a day together.

So here's what I am going to do: I am going to apologize to everyone that I have spoken ill of while here at school. Is it going to suck? Yes. Some people likely won't even know that I talked bad about them, but that doesn't matter. Hopefully it will help to alleviate some of the pointless drama and tension around here and maybe it will inspire others to do the same, because the tension and drama are bad enough without having law school to deal with at the same time. 4 of the 5 people who read this blog will probably understand completely what I am talking about, and I hope that I have affected some kind of change in how they think about people.

[edit: I will be doing this in person where possible, email and IM/text are NOT the way to do it.]

"Did that blow your mind, because that just happened."


P.J. said...

.... As much as I respect what you're attempting to do .... it could cause more hurt and drama if the people you apologize to were completely unaware of your negative comments.

Another Asian Law Student said...

agree with above post. how did this "drama" begin anyway? the best way to avoid drama is to become like me and just avoid law school all together. i don't talk to people, i do my work, i go to class, and i get out.

the downfall (maybe an upside): you don't have any law school friends.

Scrumtrulescent said...

oh geez.... How did this all begin? It began when I moved here for law school on Aug 13th of '06!

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