November 29, 2007

Some Good Comes from the NFL / Cable Disupute

So, as I'm sure everyone has heard by now, there was a big game on TV tonight. My beloved Packers vs the hated and ugly Cowboys. I would have LOVED to watch this game from my couch, where I have easy access to the fridge, bathroom, and remote; BUT, this game was on the NFL Network and due to some disputes with the big cable companies, less than 40% of the country can even GET the NFL Network. I live in part of that 60% that can't get the game, so I had to venture out of my apartment to the local watering hole to see the game. Turns out I'm not the only Pack fan in this town (SURPRISE!), the place was totally PACKED (pun intended) including about 20 other 2Ls /3Ls and even some 1Ls. This meant that I could yell and scream as if it were a big college game. I talked some trash, gave multiple high-fives, and drank about a dozen Cokes. It was the most fun I have had since the big karaoke bash and probably a top five-er for the year. It would have been perfect, though, had the Pack pulled out a victory...

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