March 12, 2008


Soooooooooo.................I had good tickets (although my view was blocked by the basketball hoop, as I thought they would be) but the game just made me mad. Being the geek that I am, I kept track of the run the Bulls went on after the Jazz were up 18-10 (26-7); I guessed that they missed 10 straight shots (pretty sure it was 7); and also guessed that they went about 7 min without getting a FG (turns out it was just over 8 min). Seemed like every time the Jazz cut the lead to 8 or 9, the Bulls would hit a 3, or have a turnover or both. It was supremely frustrating.

Just to put things in perspective, the arena was full. This Bulls team is currently out of the playoffs and is 12 games UNDER .500. New Orleans can't fill a stadium when their team is playing for the top seed and the Bulls are selling out when they may not even make the playoffs.

I had my Jazz shirt on and once the game ended I had to walk out in shame. We shouldn't be losing to bad teams on the road...EVER. Last year was nice, they won. In fact, the Bulls scored 85 points last year and THIS year they had 86 points after 3 quarters. Truth be told, had the Jazz not won tonight, I probably wouldn't have posted this at all, woulda been too depressing.

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