April 1, 2008


Sorry I've been quiet for so long. It's pretty clear that my love for the Jazz has completely taken over my life for the time being; I've been following the Jazz religiously and reading the Jazz blogs that I just linked to under "sweet blogs." I've become a regular commenter on a couple of them. If you haven't been following the NBA, the western conference is like the 405 at rush-hour. 6 teams have at least 49 wins and only 2.5 games separate 1st from 6th place. This is significant for the Jazz for several reasons:

  1. Only 3 more road games (but they're at New Orleans, Dallas, and the black hole...San Antonio, where we haven't won since 1999)
  2. The Jazz lost @ Miami (13-61), @ New York (20-53) and @ Minnesota (TWICE! 19-53). Had they won those games they'd be #1
  3. Of the 4 home games remaining, we should win at least 3; and since 3 of those games are against playoff teams (or borderline: Denver) we should make up a game on at least 2 of them.
  4. The Jazz are 4th, but that's only because of the silly rule that division winners are guaranteed at least 4th. BUT, that doesn't mean homecourt advantage if the 5th seed has a better record. If the playoffs were seeded only by record with no advantage to division winners, the Jazz would be 6th.
Bottomline: I'm nervous about the playoffs. We'll probably play either Phoenix or Houston and neither will be easy.

In other news:
I got a job with the Public Defender one county over. I start in July so I'll have 6 weeks to be lazy as I can be. I'll probably go home for a week or 2 in June and go to the Lake. Luckily it's a paying job so I'll have a little income to blow on video games and Jimmy John's.

Also, I'm pretty tired of school. This is the worst part of the semester because I have to start thinking about finals, and there's still stuff to do before that (like finish the decision for the judge). All in all this semester has been alright, nothing great, but not painful.

I'm looking at next semester's schedule and I'll probably be taking insurance law, secured transactions, and (drumroll please...) the criminal clinic. This is fairly frightening because it is REAL defense of REAL defendants and it's as close to practicing as one can get without passing the bar.

With 6 weeks off after finals, expect more posts and more fun stories.


Ems said...

hey congratulations on the summer job! when you're here call me though so we can get together for lunch.

Utahman said...

Jeff, I love the Jazz and I love you. I can't wait to spend quiet evenings watching the sunset with you up at the lake. Maybe we can get sid to join us and we can make it a three-some...Maybe, just maybe....

dan and emily said...

Oh, our one "f" jef, don't have so little faith in our team. Finals on the other hand, may be a little more difficult. If anyone can get it all done its you!

Spicy Law Girl said...

Study break at 9:30 PM on Saturday :)

Lord Family said...

Jeff it makes me so happy that you have Erasure on your list! And I have no clue what a Zune is (is that sad?)!

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