June 13, 2008

My Celebrity Playlist

About once every 6 weeks I open iTunes to update all my podcasts. While I am waiting for the downloads to finish I will browse through the popular music to see if anything is good. I happened upon Mike Meyer's celebrity playlist (which was filled with a lot of British bands.) After a little more perusing I found all of iTunes' celebrity playlists, which look like this:

(I chose Jason Bateman because I have been watching Arrested Development a lot lately. You can do the same thing here. I seriously love that website, but I digress...)

Now, seeing as I am a celebrity in my own mind, I thought I'd do iTunes a favor and submit to them my own Celebrity Playlist.

Mack the Knife - Bobby Darin. "Great lounge song from the late 50s. Also a great karaoke song!"
All at Sea - Jamie Cullum. "Very simple song about being alone with your thoughts."
Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones. "I have so much more appreciation for this song after playing it on Rock Band. Great lead-in guitars."
Microphone Fiend - Rage Against the Machine. "Tom Morello and Zack de la Rocha, need I say more?"
Break it Down Again - Tears for Fears. "I don't know what it is about this song, but I usually listen to it 2 or 3 times in-a-row."
Waiting for my Real Life to Begin - Colin Hay. "I've been waiting for 8 years."
Pride and Joy - Stevie Ray Vaughn. "Great blues song, I can't help but tap my steering wheel when I listen to it."
Hey - Red Hot Chili Peppers. "Not what you'd expect from RHCP, surprisingly calming."
Hungarian Rhapsody - Franz Liszt. "I think I first heard this song on a Tom and Jerry cartoon 20 years ago."
#41 - Dave Matthews Band. "This goes into my top 5 all-time favorite songs."
Flashing Lights - Kanye West. "People who know me will be surprised to see rap/hip-hop here, but I freakin' love this album."
Viva la Vida - Coldplay. "This may be here because of it's newness (I haven't had a chance to get sick of it) but the first thing that comes to mind about it is that it is everything I love about music."
Take Five - Dave Brubeck Quartet. "It is everything I love about jazz music. So simple and catchy."
Kashmir - Led Zeppelin. "The version that I like the most is the live Page and Plant version from 'Page and Plant Unledded.' It truly rocks"
Horse - Live. "This is one of my all-time favorite albums and this is also the closest thing I have to country on my computer."
Hero of the Day - Metallica. "I prefer the 'S&M' version, the added strings give it a much better 'hero' feel."

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monster paperbag said...

Pride and Joy - I love that song. You've got excellent taste :).

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