June 23, 2008


I finally met with one of my contacts today. He is the former bishop at the church that my family attends and is the justice court judge of our recently incorporated city (1999.) He wrote one of my letters of recommendation during my law school application days and was VERY complimentary. I kind of surprised him when I showed up today but he was gracious enough to show me around and we sat and talked for about 40 minutes. The best part is that he asked me to come back on Thursday and meet with the guy who has the hiring contracts for prosecutors for about 5 cities; he also mentioned that he thought I would be very good in front of a jury. For any potential law students or job seekers, all I can say is that networking (as annoying and shallow as it sometimes is) can really work. I had 2 jobs last summer, one was acquired through previous work contacts and the other was through a friend who mentioned to her attorney that I was going to law school and was looking for summer work. I can imagine few jobs better than being a city prosecutor after graduation, especially back home. They don't handle the big murder cases or anything that is going to make the front page, but it would be fantastic courtroom experience and would allow me a chance to make a reputation among TONS of different attorneys. I neglected to bring home a suit...I hope Dad's fits

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