August 10, 2008

This is Where my Brain Goes

So there I am, right? Running at the park, minding my own business, rocking out to some Kanye. My mind is wandering and i start focusing on my feet. I was trying to run to the beat and I thought, "I can either increase my pace or my stride." You know what I thought of next? That's kinda how radio waves work. AM vs FM. AM is amplitude modulation, like lengthening your stride. FM is frequency modulation, like increasing your pace. Should I be worried that my mind immediately went to the nerdiest thing possible?


Anonymous said...

:) Aww. What a cute little nerd.

Ems said...

you should have been worried 10 years ago but now you're just screwed.

Gr8kidsMOM said...

Ya' know Jeff... you made a noise and I have learned!! I get it now.

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