June 9, 2007

Dear Idiot...

Clearly you're not very smart. I received your dispute form today, claiming that some charges on your account are from a counterfeit card. After about 2 minutes of research I noticed that you submitted a dispute form for the same charge 3 days earlier. I don't know if you thought this through very well. On the first dispute form you claimed that the stuff you bought was of low quality, unfortunately this is not grounds for dispute. You seem to be somewhat confused now, since your most recent dispute form says that that same charge is fraudulent. You bought it, didn't like it, tried to dispute, failed, then tried to say it was a fraudulent charge. After speaking with someone at that store, I have come to the conclusion that you shouldn't wear your big black cowboy hat, which makes you stick out like a sore thumb, when you are trying to claim that some thief is stealing from you. Here's your sign...


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