June 20, 2007

Stop looking at me!

Is there anything more awkward than making eye contact with someone of the opposite sex right as they leave the restroom? Obviously we all know what goes on in these places; but when your eyes meet with theirs it's almost like you're saying, "I know what you did in there...and I am disgusted." We all seem to have a certain look when we leave the throneroom, like we just left an adult bookstore. What's even worse is when you try to break the awkwardness by saying something, this is a mistake that I can only equate to thanking someone after sex.


Another Asian Law Student said...

i feel guilty at times cause i don't lift the toilet up and leave "drops" on it, only to realize that a woman is going to be using it as soon as i get out.

Alphawolf said...

It's no surprise what goes on. I know what you're doing. You know what you're doing. You know that I know what you're doing. It's perfectly normal, natural, inoffensive thing. We all do it- you, me...Michael Jackson. Even Hilary Clinton. I think.

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