December 1, 2007

Don't Take it so Personally...

The Jazz were on ESPN last night against the Lakers and dominated them by 24 points. Derek Fisher, formerly of the Jazz and currently with the Lakers, was booed all night. Let me give you a brief rundown on why this is significant:

  • Fisher played with the Lakers before joining the Jazz
  • Jazz fans, for the most part, really really hate the Lakers
  • When Fish signed with the Jazz, we were all excited because he's pretty good and is a good leader
  • Fish came up HUGE against the Warriors in the first round of the playoffs
  • We also found out that his daughter has a rare form of eye cancer during the first round
Those are the basic facts. Now, after the season ended he asked to be released from his contract with the Jazz (this NEVER happens...) so that he could move his family closer to a treatment facility and the Jazz were more than happy to comply (family stuff trumps all with the Jazz, and they didn't want to be heartless bastards). Here comes the nasty part...HE SIGNS BACK WITH THE LAKERS! To Jazz fans (myself included) it was like he saw a chance to get outta Dodge and he took it.

Look at it this way, during the off-season the players scatter like cockroaches, going back to their home cities. During basketball season they're on the road half the time and don't get to spend much time at home anyway. How hard would it have been to move the family to LA and come "home" when there's an extended break of 3-5 days (or 10 days during All-star Weekend)? It's a 90 min flight from SLC to LAX! If he had signed with the Knicks (NY HAS to have a good treatment center) then everyone would understand.

Seriously, he only got booed because he signed with the Lakers. He wants to think that we're pissed that he left, WRONG, we're pissed he's wearing yellow.

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