December 16, 2007

Not Sure How to Feel

I just made my first political donation today. $50 to Dr. Paul. I know this only perpetuates the problem of money dominating politics, but I can't think of any better way to help Dr. Paul (aside from being a campaign worker, which I clearly have no time to do).

Turns out that my roommate donated today as well (also to Dr. Paul), we talked about how our generation may be the one that changes this 2-party bull. I think people are getting fed up with "DEMOCRAT V REPUBLICAN" every single election. There really is no way that the political views of the whole country can be adequately represented as a choice between 2 candidates. I know that every time I vote I feel like I am picking between hanging and drowning (i.e., this guy offends me least).

This is why I hate labels like DEMOCRAT, LIBERAL, CONSERVATIVE, REPUBLICAN, ANTI-this, PRO-that. I have a manifesto in the works that will discuss how labels are so damaging. Stay tuned.


asian said...

should watch it.

Scrumtrulescent said...

that is the gist of my whole manifesto. Thanks for the link! He pretty much nailed it.

Parad0x said...

Ron is all over the place in my town. Banners hanging over bridges say "Google Ron Paul."


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