February 7, 2008


A couple weeks ago during a Heat - Hawks basketball game, the scorer's table made an error at the end of the game and gave Shaquille O'Neal (who plays for the Heat) his 6th foul, disqualifying him from the game. The Hawks were up 114-111 with about 52 seconds left in the game when Shaq "fouled out." He actually only had 5 fouls but this wasn't discovered until after the game. The Hawks won 117-111 and the Heat filed a protest when they discovered the error. The league granted them a REPLAY of the final 52 seconds to be played immediately before their next game, which is March 8.

Where is the irony in that, you ask? Shaq was just traded to the Suns and cannot play in the replay. So he was out in the original 52 seconds and will be out in the replay of the 52 seconds.

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UtesFan89 said...

Even better... no points were scored in the replay time, and the Hawks still walked away with the win.

Much ado about nothing?

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