February 5, 2008

Teach me

During tonight's coverage of Super Tuesday, I found myself switching between Fox News and CNN. I watched Huckabee, Romney, Clinton, McCain, and Obama speak. I examined all the polling data, the returns, the surprises, and the rhetoric. This is what I have determined: I am a swing vote.

Here is an opportunity to convince me. I am requesting comments on why I should vote for any of the candidates. Keep your comments under 150 words and keep them civil, no bashing or mud slinging.

Have at it!

(I feel fairly certain that Jewel and SLLS will take on Obama and SLG will take on Clinton, anyone gonna try for the GOP candidates?)


Silly Little Law Student said...

I have to admit... I'm not sold on any candidate yet. I do know that I don't really like Hillary and would likely favor Obama if I vote democrat in the Fall. But I can see some of the logic behind the republican candidates as well. I don't think Romney is as horrible as people make him out to be. Regardless, the point of my comment was that since I'm not 100% sold on a candidate... I would feel like a hypocrite trying to sell you on a candidate.

Spicy Law Girl said...

Well I'd like to know what issues are important to you, so I could focus my answer around those! But I am for HRC because I think we deserve a President who loves and understands America and has been battle tested. Let me know the issues that you're most concerned with and I'd be happy to write/post about them. Sorry, I don't speak in ONLY platitudes :)

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