February 4, 2008


Since Dec. 31, 2007, no team in the NBA has a better record than the Jazz. They are 15-2 since New Year's Eve and have moved up into home court position for the playoffs. These 15 wins, and the current 9-game win streak, have been quite impressive:

  • Average margin of victory: 12.9
  • Average assists for DWill: 11.3
  • Home wins: 1o-in-a-row
  • Road wins: 4-in-a-row
  • Consecutive double-doubles for DWill: 8
  • 3 point % for Korver: .400
  • Rebounding margin: +19
  • FG %: .499
The Jazz are playing like I expected them to at the beginning of the year. They had a TERRIBLE December that left me very angry, but they have managed to pull things together, due partly (or mostly) to the trade for Korver.

My bias for the Jazz is well documented, so with that in mind let me give you my prediction for the rest of the season...

The Jazz will finish the season 52-30, one game better than last season and will be the 3rd seed in the Western Conference, likely playing either the Warriors or the Nuggets in the first round. They'll win 4-2 and play the Mavericks, who'll choke again and lose in 6 games. In the Conference Finals they'll play the Spurs, and will FINALLY win in San Antonio in game 7 to go to the Finals where they'll sweep whichever weak-ass team comes out of the East. There, it's all laid out, no need to watch the rest of the season or the playoffs. You're welcome!

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