May 3, 2008

Not Surprised

This is about what I expected. One thing to keep in mind, though, everyone who picked the Lakers in 6 must realize that game 6 is IN Utah. Are the Jazz going to lose an elimination game at home? Personally, I'll take the Jazz in 6. I think we can take game 1 simply because we played great yesterday, we won 2 games in Houston, and the Lakers haven't played in about a week. We'll have to win both home games after that but I think we can, because LA is not the defensive team that Houston was.

We all know that Kobe is going to score, that's a given. But the x-factor for BOTH teams will be the bench play. Vujacic, Walton and Farmar vs. Millsap, Harpring and Korver. You can guess where my money is.

Game on 21 1/2 hrs.


Spicy Law Girl said...

I'm going to be clASSy and not say anything because of the way the Jazz played in the 4th quarter, whittling away the Lakers' lead.

Even though the Lakers got it back.

But I dread playing the Jazz at home. Ick.

Scrumtrulescent said...

We def had opportunities, we just couldn't make shots when we needed to. Things will change in game 2, mostly for the better (but better for the Lakers too). We'll see who's better prepared come Wed.

Ems said...

you know I'd comment more if I cared about basketball right?

Anonymous said...

So, um, when you are done w/ law school you are going to move in with my husband during NBA finals.He need someone as batshit as he is about the Jazz. Good? Yes. We'll see you soon.

Lexie and Jeff said...

Better luck tonight, right? Where are you anyway? Are you in Utah for the summer? Just trying to keep tabs...I hope you're doing well!

Brian & Mindy said...


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