May 15, 2008

Re: Fisher

This goes out to all Jazz fans, Laker fans, Jazz players, Laker players, media, NBA fans, broadcasters, and anyone else who's listening. This message is in regards to Derek Fisher leaving the Jazz to join the Lakers and then getting booed at the ESA:


It's done, it's over, he's REALLY gone and he's not coming back. He was (and sorta still is) getting booed at the ESA, he got the message. He's over it: "It hurt him at the time, but he's fine with it now." Let's all do the same. It doesn't make you smart, clever, or a more passionate Jazz fan to boo him. Alternately, it doesn't make you smart, clever, or morally superior to criticize those that do boo him.

Right now I hate Fisher, but not because he left the Jazz. I hate him because he wears purple and yellow and is playing better than he did with the Jazz. Being a "nice guy" and a "class act" doesn't mean you can't be criticized for your actions or hated for leaving. I don't care any more about this guy than any other non-Jazz player. Call me callous or heartless, but, as the saying goes, basketball is a business. I don't have the energy to give a crap about the personal life of anyone not in a Jazz uniform. Let's all take a deep breath and relax.


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