July 20, 2007

Am I being punished?

So this lady I've never seen comes over to my area and asks me, "Is this your cubicle?" My first thought was, "No, I live down the street, I just wanted to use the internet." Of course I didn't SAY that and responded with a confused affirmative. She asks me if there's anything in my metal cabinet that is attached to the wall, to which I repond, "just some papers." She nods and leaves.

Thirty seconds later a bald guy with a goatee and a dirty Cardinals jersey comes over and starts disassembling my cabinet, reaches underneath and takes the whole thing off. Previous lady comes over and unplugs the light that attached underneath and takes it. My only reaction is a stunned, "huh?" look. So just like that my cubicle has been pillaged and I'm left with no place to store my porno mags and boxes of Snickers.

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