July 18, 2007

Free Stuff Good

I am not one to turn down free anything, especially concert tickets. So when my friend tells me (3 days before) that we're going to the Incubus concert, I simply said, "uh....ok."

So we show up last night around 7:35 and listen to the last 3 or 4 songs by the opener. While the crew is changing sets the dark clouds that were on the other end of the valley were creeping up on us. After about 10 minutes the rain started to fall. This was not your ordinary rain. It was like cups of water being dumped on you, it was K-RAZY! It rained (and thundered) like this for about 10 minutes. At this point I should mention that I don't even like Incubus and I was considering leaving. All 4 tickets that we had were free so this wasn't costing us anything. The rain drenched everyone and then cleared up as fast as it came, leaving a wicked cool cloud arrangement that made for a spectacular sunset.

The 4 of us left after about 6 songs and beat the traffic (by about 90 minutes). Needless to say it was a very fun night, although I think Cox said it best, "that concert was wasted on you." Indeed.

1 comment:

Cox said...

yes.... the concert was wasted on you... so WASTED!!! man... i would have killed.... or at least mamed someone to be at that show...

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