July 3, 2007

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings

Just got back from Transformers. LOVED IT. It was funny and exhilarating. The special effects were astounding and the fact that Optimus Prime's voice is the same from the cartoons was just icing on the cake. This was an absolute dream come true, every kid's dream. And add to all this is the SMOKIN' hot Megan Fox and you have a movie that adolescent boys will watch for TWO reasons.

Before the movie was a freakin weird trailer that I had to do a little research on. It looks like it might be a Godzilla-esque movie but I guess it's all done from the perspective of hand-held cameras shot by the people experiencing the giant monster attack. Cool.

See Transformers, it's a great way to kill 3 hrs and it's a fun date movie ("My sensors show that the boy's pheromone levels indicate he wants to mate with the female." Romantic isn't it?)

PS Saw it on a digital screen. I am not a TOTAL movie snob, but combine the digital screen with THX and you have a near-perfect movie experience. From now on I doubt I'll see anything else on a "regular" screen.

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