July 1, 2007

Do not mock me

[I was ready to post this when the DVD was over, but my recent computer problems prevented me]

I popped in disc 5 of the West Wing season 7 last night around 130 AM, I had just gotten home from a buddy's cabin and thought I'd fall asleep to it. Not the case. After FINALLY seeing some hot Donna action, and waiting to see what happened with the campaign after Leo died (even though I already knew the outcome of the election), I had watched all 4 episodes and it was almost 5 AM. I'd also like to mention that I got goosebumps when they re-introduced Mr. Sam Seaborn. I was ready to text Carla after I saw Sam again, but realized that it was 5 AM where she was.

My nerdiness knows no bounds.


Phoebe said...

Does this mean we can finally talk about 7th season?!
About time.
Was it not awesome? (though not as awesome as the first 3 seasons)

Scrumtrulescent said...

Not quite yet, 1 more disc to go (3 episodes). But I am SO close!

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