April 19, 2008

Game On

Time for the playoffs! Jazz will start the post-season in Houston (again) tonight, but the biggest difference is that the Jazz are actually favored this time:

Of course, the Jazz won this series last year even though everyone picked the Rockets:

My previous predictions weren't exactly accurate, although I was 1 win from being right about the 3 seed. I'll pick the Jazz (obviously) to win in 6 games, but 5 games wouldn't be shocking at all either.

The Jazz have gotten a lot of love lately from ESPN,

In the second round, I see Utah and the Lakers meeting in what should be the true conference finals...I have Utah beating L.A. in a six-game barn burner that's about as close to a coin-flip as any pairing you can come up with. That sets up Chris Paul versus Deron Williams in the conference finals...so Utah rolls to the Finals in six.

Game on in 5 hours and 15 minutes!

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UtesFan89 said...

Nice to see the Jazz get the first game. I was really afraid the team would come out overconfident because of the fact that almost everyone was picking them.

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