October 25, 2007

It says a lot...

...when former President Clinton and Bill Maher are defending the position that Sept. 11 wasn't an inside job. There's crazy, then there's "9/11-conspiracy-theory" crazy.

What's so funny about conspiracy theorists is that a lack of evidence is used to strengthen their position, rather than weaken it. In all reality, 9/11 WAS a conspiracy; a group of terrorists conspired to crash planes into the World Trade Center. All of the arguments that advance the idea that the US Government was in on it or covered something up are weak and feeble arguments. It's as if they are looking at a duck and saying, "if that's a duck then why hasn't it quacked? It must not really be a duck," or, "sure it looks like a duck, but if you stand over there and squint your eyes, it'll look exactly like a goose!"

Perception is reality; if you want to see a conspiracy, you'll find one.

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