October 31, 2007

Me Gusta

I'm not going to call this a "relationship," at least not yet. But this girl that I met on Friday, she is such a breath of fresh air. Talk about no drama and low maintenance...

She's into me, this I know for sure. I am into her too, and she knows this for sure. But we are confident enough in ourselves that a) we don't have to do ANYTHING in a hurry, and b) I'm not going to be upset if she puts studying ahead of hanging out and vice versa. This is the level of maturity I was expecting when I came to law school.

And she's hot, so that helps too :-P


Brittany said...

I haven't talked to you forever! I found your blog from a comment you made on Shawni's blog. Hope that's ok. I am so glad to hear how well everything is going for you! I miss you and I'll keep checking your blog for updates if that's ok.

Brittany said...

hey jef! I am so glad to hear everything is going so well for you! I miss you! I got this link from a comment you made on shawni's blog, hope that's ok.

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