October 31, 2007

Stephen A Smith is officially crazy

He is ADAMANTLY picking the rich and creamy Nuggets to go to the NBA Finals. There is a REALLY good chance that they aren't even the best team in their division, but Stephen is really smart crazy eccentric loud so he might be right.

I'd say the Nugs are 40:1 underdogs to get to the Finals. And just because I'm making odds, I'd put the Jazz at 20:1. I love my Jazz, but the Spurs are just too damn good.

Here are my picks:

Heart says: Carlos Boozer
Brain says: Steve Nash

6th Man
Heart says: Paul Millsap
Brain says: Manu Ginobli

Most Improved
Heart says: Ronnie Brewer
Brain says: Ronnie Brewer

Coach of the Year
Heart says: Jerry Sloan
Brain says: Anyone except Sloan

Defensive Player
Heart says: AK
Brain says: pick 'em (Bowen or Wallace, as usual)

Spurs over whatever crap team comes out of the East

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