August 12, 2007

I is forgetting

I found an Econ paper I wrote in undergrad and I have no idea what it means:

Whenever the demand curves are linear the output changes in both markets are equal but in opposite directions, so the actual output doesn't change (Viscusi 288). The loss is attributed to the reallocation from those who put a high value on the product to those who put a low value on the product.

When examining case law, there are two categories of violation, primary and secondary line discrimination. The first is when a firm prices to lessen competition by harming its rivals. Secondary line is accomplished by injuring competition in the buyers' market. The two cases to be examined are Utah Pie, (386 U.S. 685) for the primary line and Morton Salt, (334 U.S. 37) for secondary line.

Maybe it's because it's late and my brain is already in stand-by mode, but I wish I could re-write this paper with my newly acquired legal brain.

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