August 7, 2007

Step 1:

In order to prepare for my impending hot wing challenge, I went to Winger's tonight and had a dozen wings with their "Too-Hot-to-Handle" sauce. The sauce itself was pretty weak...DELICIOUS, but weak, so I had to supplement it with some DAVE'S INSANITY SAUCE. This sauce rates a 51,000 on the scoville scale. That sounds like a lot until you realize that the sauce I will be experiencing rates between 200,000-350,000 (depending on the season). Additionally, it appears that my biggest hurdle will actually be the time limit. 12 wings in under 6 minutes is harder than it sounds, ESPECIALLY when your brain is telling you, in a not so subtle way, that any minute steam will be coming out of your ears. I need to get my eat time down to 5:30, then I need to up the sauce temperature. GAME ON!

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