August 8, 2007

Words Cannot Describe... excited I get for football. I seriously can't wait any longer, my head might explode. This is the WORST time of year because training camps have started (but no real games), fantasy football is being coordinated (but I can only look at the rankings so many times), there's no NBA, and baseball has lost a lot of excitement (aside from Barry's HR tonight). We are SO close, SO SO close...

here are some videos to help you understand why I am excited:

Just LISTENING to this gives me chills:

And just for good measure:

This is why fall is the best season of all. But if I had to list the ONE thing that sends chills down my spine every time, it would be the Monday Night Football song by Hank Williams, Jr. When he starts saying, "c'mon get ready...I MEAN get ready..." I start thinking, "I'M READY, I'M READY!!" "ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!?" Ahhhhhhhhhh, and my day is complete.

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