February 1, 2007


I recently fell upon 2 classmates' blogs and enjoyed them very very much. So, here I am, copying them. Imitation is the highest form of flattery right? So, let's begin with some background details.

- I am a law student

That should be enough. I spend my weekends reading and/or writing or drinking and I never get enough sleep. There is WAY too much drama in my life and most of it is my own fault (although law school took a page from the high school handbook). I have discovered what it takes to be a friend, a GOOD friend, and an asshole. There is no way anyone can know what it's like to be a law student (except maybe med students, who I do NOT envy).

I will try to be witty and funny, but more often than not I will just look bitter, which may be the case. Like right now, I hate legal research, I just hate it. If it was a person and had a face, I would bash it with a shovel.

"Did that blow your mind, because that just happened."


Phoebe said...

See, I was going to blog, but now I can't...there's just too many!
And, you're not bitter, just truthful.

Anonymous said...

I completely neglected your joke about legal research.....so yeah totally delete prior comment in order to make sure that the legal research comment was appreciated fully....

If legal research were a person and had a face i would help you bury the body after you beat it to death with a shovel....

That is true friendship right there.

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