February 13, 2007

Random acts of violence

It's 250 AM and I can't sleep. I wasn't sure why until I decided to hop on the comp for a minute or 2 to see if anyone else was having the same problem, which they weren't. So, I start with the natural progression of websites I go to, myspace, facebook, yahoo, espn, Drudge Report, Cnn...WAIT, there it is, the front page: Gunman Kills 5 at Utah Mall Story. I heard about the story around 10:45 PM before there were many details, just that some guy had gone into Trolley Square with a shotgun. I lived 2 blocks from Trolley Square for 13 months, it's right across the street from my gym, they do country line dancing on Friday nights, I went to the Rodizio Grill on my birthday, I would go to Green Street (a bar) which is at the west end, I ate at the Spaghetti Factory on the top floor, and, as the kicker, my cousin was there tonight.

He's OK, he made it out alive, but he heard gunshots and saw bodies. "'As we were running towards the north side of the building, we looked to our left and there was glass shattered all over the floor next to the escalators. And maybe, it was so quick, but maybe ten bodies lying on the ground,' said witness Clifton Black." I don't know how close he was to being shot or what he really saw, but he's only a year older than me and we were basically best friends growing up and the thought of anyone aiming a gun at him for no earthly reason makes me want to vomit.

So, here I am, at 2:57, unable to sleep, because some whackjob thought he'd commit suicide by cop and take 5 other completely innocent people with him. This is a pretty messed up world we live in. Goodnight, I hope...

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