February 6, 2007


I LOVE the TV show Scrubs. I don't know why but it always makes me feel better about law school. The inner monologue always has good life advice and a lot of the time seems to apply to MY life. And I probably have a very similar mentality to JD, at least in some respects. I wish, though, it was as easy to not let things get to me as it seems on the show.

I always kinda wished that they made a legal version, and yes, they could call it suits!! (my geekyness shows again). I actually had a Scrubs/Wonder Years inner monologue moment today. I was sitting there listening and chatting, then, at that perfect time, it happened:

"It was right then that I knew that we'd never have anything more than a friendship. And while I knew it was the best thing for both of us, it still hurt a little. The friendship survived everything we went through, and that's all that's left."

I really just look at it as the end of Chapter 1. Let's start Chapter 2!

"Did that blow your mind, because that just happened."

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Anonymous said...

I think you have told me about this idea before and i giggled and expressed my hopes it would someday happen.

Also, i think i have had that innner monologue moment, like you just know and your inner narrator kicks in.

Who would be Dr. Cox in a law school version, because that character in a lawyer would be amazing...

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