February 10, 2007

The dumbing effect of law skool

I was thinking about why law students are so much like high schoolers and young undergrads. I think the reason it's such a big deal HERE, is that the student "leaders" have treated it that way. When you constantly have free booze in order to draw students, that sounds like a lame undergrad ploy. When the theme to your "prom" is "Candyland," there are 2 more reasons. When the majority of the upperclassmen (and women) basically ignore the underclassmen (and women) there's another reason. I think the high-schooling effect of law school has made it harder for me to break the crappy study habits I had in high school. You'd think that graduate school would be a bit more professional and mature, but you'd be dead wrong.

If people aren't coming to your lame events, giving them free beer doesn't make it a success. If you have a "prom" and give it a lame-ass name, people are going to treat it like it's a high school prom. When the upperclassPEOPLE ignore the underclassPEOPLE, then the school gets fragmented and cliques form, like high school.

The so called "leaders" in this school need to treat school as more than one giant networking and partying scene. You want us to be mature and respectful? How about having a get-together that doesn't involve free beer, isn't designed to kiss professor ass, doesn't require a date (express or implied), and still allows the students to meet and mingle without feeling like they need to impress anyone.

We could get the banquet center again, have a paid bar (or first 2 drinks free), have some REAL music (i.e., light jazz, classical, or anything that won't inspire people to "shake their ass"), provide some light appetizers, and find a way to get people to recognize all their commonalities, rather than all their differences.

Maybe we'll be lucky enough to elect someone whose vision of the SBA and the law school isn't overshadowed by a giant glass of beer.

"Did that blow your mind, because that just happened."


Silly Little Law Student said...

I stand by the theory that Barrister's exists only because the sorostitutes and frat monkeys miss their formals from undergrad greek life.

Phoebe said...

(insert your name here) for SBA President

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