September 9, 2007

Can you spell hypocrite?

The NFL has been running a commercial featuring Shawne Merriman running around hitting guys and generally being destructive. Why is this hypocritical? Merriman was suspended for 4 games last year for...wait for it...violating the league's steroids and related substances policy. I understand that he's "done his time," so to speak, but this guy shouldn't be promoted as a role model. I think he's awesome as a football player, but why couldn't the NFL promote someone who HASN'T been busted for 'roids? Like, maybe, Zach Thomas or DeMeco Ryans?

[Update: I've seen this commercial about 5 more times since Sunday and the first half (the half with Shawne) is missing, it's only the second half with Stephen Jackson running around and through people]

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