September 17, 2007

Reinforcing the title of my blog

I was debating whether or not to start Chris Brown in my fantasy league yesterday. There are 2 slots and Westbrook was an easy choice, but the second slot had Larry Johnson in it. About 10 minutes before the Titans/Colts kickoff, ESPN informed me that 2 starting linebackers were out for Indy, add that to the stellar performance by Brown last week (175 yards) and the fact that Johnson was facing the Bears defense, and I HAD to start Brown. What did he give me? 4.6 points. For those of you who don't speak fantasy language, this is really, really bad. Like, pathetic. Like, I should apologize to all the other team owners in my league for giving fantasy owners a bad name.

[Johnson would have given me 11.7 in a fairly craptacular performance, and 2:09 into the second quarter tonight, Westbrook has given me 7.8]
[update: Westbrook pulled through for me and scored just enough points to send me to victory in week 2. I won by one point.]

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