September 2, 2007

Nerd Overload

For some strange reason tonight, after doing my Constitutional Law reading, I felt inspired to watch a particular episode of The West Wing. This episode, "The Supremes," deals with the appointment of Supreme Court justices. In order for the White House to nominate who they really want they have to agree to also nominate who the Republicans want, as there are 2 seats open. Obviously these 2 candidates are as far apart politically as 2 people can get, one is a liberal woman who has actually had an abortion and the other is a conservative man who basically calls liberalism "the new socialism." Yet they get along like 2 fans of opposing teams, chiding each other and "arguing" as if debating who to draft with the 7th pick in a fantasy football league. Here's why I am blogging this at midnight: as they were discussing, I was understanding. They talked about the Commerce Clause, Lopez, Casey, suspect classes, substantive due process, the 14th Amendment, affirmative action, and DOMA. As often as I joke about blocking out the last year to save my sanity, one would think that I am not learning much. Clearly that is inaccurate.


a l s said...

i almost vomited reading this... WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!!!

Spicy Law Girl said...

I liked ConLaw, but me liking a law school class means while I was studying for the final I was like "eh, this isn't Sooooo bad..."

Good for you for finding solace in the madness!

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