September 26, 2007

Color me surprised

I'm willing to bet that more than half of the students here are liberal, which is fine. But even in Constitutional Law, when talking about abortion and freedom of speech, the only ones speaking out are conservatives (one in particular really, but he knows his stuff and isn't an idiot). I would have expected a burning at the stake if anyone mentioned that talking about abortion should be controlled...


Sari said...

I have a theory noticed this and have a theory on it. As a liberal...abortion is not an issue that i feel i can speak with any real authority on..i just don't know tha much about it where as one of my favorites conservatives does...i have my opinion based on mostly philosophy, in the legal dept my ideas are fairly weak, so instead of looking like a tool, i keep my mouth shut.

As for the rest of it, the conservative aspect of freedom of speech simply looks "nicer". Nobody wants to be the jerk, who even if they are right, says out loud that adult video stores should be able to be built wherever they damn well please and screw the daycare next door.....nobody is going to say it out loud in front of their future colleagues and a professor...that just won't happen. People don't do that, no matter how liberal they are.

Asian said...

I want to add one thing:

Conservative =/ Pro-Life
Conservative =/ Pro-Bush

I hate the living fuck out of people when they equate me for any of those two - the fact that certain people in this world automatically equate conservatives with this image makes them just as naive and toolish as Bush and his flaky-ass conservative viewpoint.

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