May 23, 2007

7 days later

So here I am in my beautiful hometown. I have a room with a soft bed and a pool right up the street. I drove 1330 miles to get here and I drive almost 80 miles round trip every day to my job. Things are good.

So, my job: it started out as a giant clusterf***. No one was really sure where I was supposed to be or what I should do. I had a phone but no computer. I will start the day in the security department investigating fraud, then spend the second half in legal collections trying to get dead-beats to give us the money we loaned them or show up and take it back ourselves. I got to go to small claims court yesterday and that is a well-oiled machine if I ever saw one. We went through 80 cases in 30 minutes. In 85% of the cases the defendant doesn't show up and has a default judgment placed against them, 10% are dismissed by the plaintiff, only in about 5% are both parties present. Today I went to bankruptcy court and that is just depressing. There was a 500 lb guy who had no money, no job, and his car and trailer were about to be repossessed. This guy has no chance in life and I remember thinking to myself that he ought to just give up and go lie on the train tracks.

On a lighter note, I spent last weekend at the Lake (about 2 hrs north). We invited an old friend from high school who just recently showed up back in town. She's a tiny little lady but she is 100% foxy. Very good decision. Not only is she a total babe, but she's super fun. We bought $115 worth of fireworks and put on a show after we built a giant bonfire (we might be pyromaniacs). Twin #1 told me that a family friend had talked to her lawyer about a property dispute she was having (which she explained to me in detail right before Spring Break). Apparently the lawyer now wants to know if I want to work part time for him. Which is awesome except that I already have a job! Maybe I can do some nights and weekends as needed.....maybe.

Finally, I am getting a new car. I will make you all wait until it's in my possession before I reveal its identity...


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