May 13, 2007


I freakin love Google. Here is a list of Google tools that I currently use:

- Gmail - No refreshing needed to "check mail." Saves emails in discussions. Labeling and lots of storage

- Docs and Spreadsheets - Sorta like having MS Word and Excel, only free! Cool collaboration and sharing options (including live chatting)

- Analytics - Actually having trouble with this right now, but I think it's my fault.

- iGoogle - Love all the cool customizing

- Blogger - Allows me to publicly vent and gloat

- Google Earth - Possibly one of the coolest things ever invented

- Calender - More cool sharing and collaborating features and very versatile interface

- Talk - Conversations are automatically saved and no third party software need be installed

- Picasa - Like photobucket, only with a cooler name

Reader - Just set this up today, keeps me updated on all the blogs I read without having to visit each site

- Notebook (I'm gonna use this next semester) - Free version of OneNote!

It is all so intuitive and operates like a program through a browser, which makes it all accessible from any online computer. My roomie and I have discussed how long it will be until ALL operating systems are decentralized, all you have to do is boot up and have an internet connection then all the software and applications are run through servers. I mean really, what good is a computer with no internet connection? That's like having an iPod video but only using it to store your pictures. Speaking of the iPod, I also believe that the grand unified PDA will be available in the next 5 years. We're dangerously close with the new Blackberrys. Imagine an iPod (or similar large capacity digital media device) combined with a phone, high resolution camera (still and video), PDA functionality, and easy browser access for the Google Nerds like myself. [Sidenote: I just spent a half hour looking at the iPhone and the new BlackBerry Curve. Verdict: I prefer the iPhone but I hate iTunes (and Apple in general)].

I really love having all these cool things available to me from any online computer and all under one password. If Google released an iPhone-like device, I would wait in line for 3 weeks and spend upwards of $30,000 for it. I think I am to Google what SLLS and others are to Apple. There's got to be a cool nickname...Googler?

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