May 28, 2007

Seeing red

40-21, 17-27, 25-2. I can't begin to describe my anger. I know the Spurs are the better team, and I know that they have the experience and the talent to win ANY game they play. But seriously, 25 free throws in the 4th quarter and only 2 for the Jazz? The Spurs shot 4 more free throws in the 4th quarter than the Jazz did for the entire game. I am also convinced that there is no low that Manu Ginobli will not sink to in order to get a foul call. Additionally, he is the first one to complain when he doesn't get his BS foul calls. He is shameless and is an embarrassment to professional sports.

Before anyone gets their panties in a twist, let me say that I do not believe and official can win or lose a game, they don't put the ball in the hoop. I understand that the good teams get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to certain calls, the Jazz were getting that treatment for years. But I find it unbelievable frustrating when the double standard is applied in the playoffs. I defy anyone to say that the exact same play will always be a foul regardless of who is defending who. If Jarron Collins is on Duncan, Collins will get called for a foul, regardless of what happens. On the other end, Duncan will not, even if the exact same thing happens. It's been going on for years and, like I mentioned, the Jazz were getting a lot of those calls 7 or 8 years ago. But for a guy like Manu Ginobli to be getting almost total Kobe Bryant treatment is an absolute joke.

The Jazz were beat by a better acting team. They missed 5 or 6 straight shots in the fourth and threw the ball away several times. But the officials were too big a part of the game, when the story of the game is that one team only had 17 fouls, shot almost double the freethrows for the game and 23 more in the 4th, then the officials have taken control of the game away from the team. Despite all this, though, the Jazz were only down 4 with 5 minutes left and just needed to make more shots and play better defense.


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