May 14, 2007

Basketball Genius

No, not me, although I'm flattered that you all think so ;)

Bill Simmons had this to say about the Warriors back on Thursday after game 2. Look at the 5 bullet points and tell me that these aren't the exact reasons they lost again last night.

1. Warriors can't control the boards AT ALL, let alone when it matters
2. Baron missed 2 big ones in the 4th quarter when the Warriors were down 3 and only shot 61% as a team from the free throw line
3. Down 4 with just over 2 minutes left and Warriors give up a 3 pointer
4. (JRich's battery of Memo, and Baron's forearm shiver of Fish)
5. After Fisher's 3, Warriors missed 4 straight 3 pointers, made a layup, then missed another 3.

He also said that the Warriors would win game 3, Jazz would win game 4, then Jazz would win game 5. He also predicted the Jazz would beat the Rockets in game 7, Bill Simmons is a basketball genius.

"Did that blow your mind, because that just happened."

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