May 6, 2007

A dime a dozen...

Just looking back to see what the "experts" picked for the NBA playoffs:

the percentage that picked the actual winner (winner underlined)
GS - Dal 0%
Lal - Pho 100%
Den - SAS 100%
Uta - Hou 9%

Orl - Det 100%
Was - Cle 100%
NJN - Tor 45%
Chi - Mia 54%

That said...3 of the 4 predictions have the Warriors over the Jazz. Am I worried? HA! My prediction: Jazz in 6


Another Asian Law Student said...

Baron and Ellis..... don't overestimate. put it at 7.

Spicy Law Girl said...

Yup, another 7 game series in the West. Like I said GS is looking for blood.

It was a good game, like TMac said (in the first interview, not in the press box), the better team won.

Metheus said...

oh, silly, nothing personal about the jazz, i'm just being a dick and pushing buttons. you're commitment is impressive. I must admit that Jazz fans are committed to the core - for better or worse.

Scrumtrulescent said...

usually for worse, sadly...

Another Asian Law Student said...

scrum - don't believe metheus. he's truly a dick.



Jeff...this comment is so not about the Jazz! Sorry about that but I wanted to say hi and tell you that I am so glad you found my blog. Sounds like you are adapting to the law student life! Good for you. Dan and I are in Henderson, NV (just outside of Vegas). Dan is a first year med student here so I can sort of sympathize with you. We will be back in SLC for the first part of the summer so maybe we can plan a get together...or maybe just go to Callie's wedding;) Okay well it was so good to hear from you and hopefully I will see you soon.

Another Asian Law Student said...

fyi. you do realize that if the jazz wins, i won't talk to you right?

t-minus 1.5 hours.

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