May 13, 2007

On the Jazz and the end of the semester

Wow, what a week. The Jazz had 3 games and I had 3 tests. The Jazz won 2 of the 3 games and I probably failed 2 of the 3 tests (ok, no, not really).

Friday May 4 - Con Law final (I was up the night before watching ANOTHER Jazz game, which was one of the happiest basketball related moments in my life)

Monday May 7 - Jazz game, win

Tuesday May 8 - Torts final (the previous night's game didn't end until 12:30 AM, so I didn't get a ton of sleep)

Wednesday May 9 - 8 hours of studying at Panera, then the Jazz game, win. This one took a Hurculean effort (down 5 with 33 seconds left) but I'll take it any way I can get it ("that's what she said")

Thursday May 10 - FREE DAY! (this means there was no test and no Jazz game) But I went back to Panera for another 8 hours.

Friday May 11 - Property test AND Jazz game, loss. Believe it or not, I predicted a 20 point loss, which was as amazing as my prediction of the 10 point victory in game 2. This night ended VERY late after some student gatherings, which involved some celebrating.

Saturday May 12 - MOST BORING DAY IN 5 MONTHS. After 4 1/2 months of studying and reading, I figured today would be GREAT if I just hung out and did nothing. Not the case. I found myself wishing that I had some work to do.

So, I am finished with my 1L year. High five for me. The first 2 months of the school year seemed to last 6 months, the entire 2nd semester seemed to last about 3 weeks. Now I get to spend all day Tuesday and all day Wednesday driving home, BORING

On to the Jazz. Let me first address the game 3 officiating. I do not believe that refs can win or lose a game for any team, they don't put the ball in the hoop. That said, the refs totally bought into the Warriors team flair and have now turned Baron Von Davis into this year's Dwayne Wade, can't touch him, can't even BREATHE on him and Baron Davis flops...a lot. This is not an opinion, this is a fact. Truthfully, the whole team does. They use their lack of size to their advantage by falling over anytime someone nudges them. Now to shooting, is there anyone on this team that will not shoot, and make, a 3 pointer? 11 threes in the first half is obscene. I didn't watch the whole game and I didn't the the dunk, but it sounds like it was pretty cool and I hope Warriors fans understand that it's still only 2 points and the Jazz only need 2 more wins to send them all home for the rest of the summer. An energy driven, emotional blowout win does not erase games 1 and 2. [Sidenote: I freakin love Jerry Sloan, "I thought the crowd in Houston was just as loud as it was last night," "They have good fans ... but I could hear the whistle blowing last night. I couldn't hear the whistle blow in our building."]
Prediction for game 4, pick 'em, but I think it will be decided by less than 6 points.


Another Asian Law Student said...

don't be mad because people like baron davis :]

Spicy Law Girl said...

Yeah...Baron isn't this year's DWade. That was DIRK before he choked. Baron's Cinderella.

And congratulations on being done! I can't believe you wanted to do work!

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