May 30, 2007

Notes on the Jazz

1:59, first quarter: I am so embarrassed by you right now. I am going to put this in caps, bold, underline, and italics because I think it's fairly important... STOP TAKING JUMPSHOTS AND DRIVE TO THE HOOP. They even cleared out for Boozer, who is being guarded by Fabricio Oberto (yeah, that guy) and he took 3 steps, spun and faded away... CLANK. Stop playing scared you clowns.

End of first: I didn't watch after about 2:30 left because I was so mad. Now you're down 19 in San Antonio where you haven't won since Clinton was in office. Congratulations, you are officially DONE. No freethrows and -8 in the rebound dept. You guys got PUNKED in the first 12 minutes and look like a bunch of schoolgirls.

9:03 in 2nd: I must be dreaming, we just shot free throws on 3 straight possessions. Wait, nope, I'm not dreaming, we missed 2 of them.

5:41 in 2nd: Harpring misses 2 more freethrows....awesome

4:26 in 2nd: Jazz now have 5 players with 2 fouls, Spurs have 1.

Halftime: We have now shot more freethrows, we are outrebounding them, and have more assists, what does that mean? It means we're still down 16 because we've missed 7 of those freethrows and we're only shooting 32.5%. If the Jazz lose by less than 10 points, it will be a miracle.

6:15 in 3rd: More of the same, missing jumpshots on one end and giving up layups on the other.

?? in the ??: Is it over yet?

6:22 in the 4th: Peeking in for the score, down 25.

1:28 in the 4th: I watched the last 90 seconds of the Jazz's season. Don't know what to say anymore. I'm glad that we got to feel what it's like to be GOOD again. This city has been crazy during the playoffs, something we haven't felt in almost 10 years. It's like a drug, but I have to wait 10 1/2 months to taste it again. Next year, it's Finals or bust. *SIGH* I need a hug....

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