May 26, 2007

Notes from work

I am splitting my time between the security department and legal collections; here's a little story from security:

Someone opened up an account online and went into a branch to deposit the required $25 to keep the account. Then he deposited 4 counterfeit checks in the space of about 5 days and immediately withdrew the $500 limit. The account was opened with a stolen identity so the phone number and address are bogus. Then, everyday, he went to an ATM to withdraw the $500 limit; the 10 or so ATM withdrawals left the account with under $1000 and when the checks came back as fraud and were taken out of the account, it took the account almost $5000 in the negative. Not an uncommon scheme. Now I get to look through security camera footage to find the dirtbag. Luckily all of the deposits were through our ATMs so we have him there, but all of the withdrawals (save one) were at gas station ATMs so we don't have footage yet. It's quite a rush to scan through security footage and know that the guy you're looking at deserves to be in prison. Moral of the story: make sure to check your account at least once a month and also get a copy of your credit report once a year to make sure that no accounts have been opened in your name without your approval

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Another Asian Law Student said...

that sounds freaking cool. it's like a corporate CSI!!

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