May 17, 2007

Final Drive Numbers

I don't know how I did it, but I managed to bump up my mileage for the last leg of the trip. I made much better time than I thought I would, especially during the first leg. I got to the motel 2 hrs before the Jazz game started, so I could have slept in another 2 hrs.

After making this drive 2 times, all I can say is that Wyoming is the most boring state in the universe.

Total Miles: 1319.7
MPG: 16.05
$$ per mile: $0.20
MPH: 65.17
Drive Time: 20 hrs 15 min
Gas Money: $269.47

My motel room, while not exactly the Waldorf Astoria, was surprisingly comfortable. Kudos to Super 8 for the recliner, made watching the Jazz game especially nice.

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Spicy Law Girl said...

Damn square states. Be safe!

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